Thursday 28 January 2021

The Possessed


I am continuing my work on the Tox Troopers from Edinburgh Miniatures, and have just finished up these three. I believe the middle guy is ‘possessed’ of some sort of malignant spirit, while the two little guys with him are his ‘handlers’. I don’t know if that’s actually what the little guys are supposed to be, but that’s how I’ll be using them most of the time.

I don’t generally paint nude figures. I don’t often enjoy the process, and, I admit, I generally feel a little weird having them on a table. However, this guy is just strange enough that it doesn’t bother me too much, and I like how he’s got a couple bits of armour and some really heavy cables.

I also decided he’d be the one guy in the force that had no mud on him, since he floats above it all!


  1. Oh my, very interesting and sort of creepy! Well done.

  2. Those are a cool and creepy little group.

  3. pls, stop posting this minis, or i'm going to buy the whole range of models in multiple copy!