Monday, 11 January 2021

Tox Troopers

Taking a short break from Napoleonics, I started work on some ‘Tox Troopers’ from Edinburgh Miniature Company*.

I love these metal figures. They are simple but full of character, with nice, easy-to-paint detail.

I acquired a complete range of them, and my plan is to have them perform multiple functions. First-and-foremost, I have always wanted to a do a 'Lost and the Damned' army for Warhammer 40K 5th edition. This is a characterful army list is found in the classic Eye of Terror campaign book. I plan to use these tox troopers as the standard foot-troops for the army. They should make a perfect counterpoint to my Demon Hunters.

I also plan to use them as the pirates in my games of Stargrave.

I painted these two guys first to make sure I was happy with the paint scheme. I decided to make them followers of Nurgle, mainly because I thought I could paint an appropriate symbol on their shoulder pads without it looking terrible! I also imagined that they have verses from the ‘Litany of Corruption’ painted on their armour – that’s all of the little white dots – an effect that works much better when seen live at 28mm instead of blown up for a photo! Still, it adds a nice bit of contrast to the figures.

I’m looking forward to diving deeper into this force, and will show off more figures as I painted them!

* The company is currently closed for the holidays, but should be back in the next few weeks.


  1. They are rather nice - great work on the painting too!

  2. Nice one Joe, appreciate the shout out! As soon as you wrote about the pirate classes for Stargrave I looked at these guys in the cabinet and started thinking of how to use them.

  3. Just curious, is that the same guy who sculpted the Anvil Industry's Tox Troopers?
    They look very similar, except that these are heroic 28mmm and Anvil's are true 28mm?

    1. Yep that's me. I used to license production rights to Anvil for a lot of stuff.

    2. Great, I was always keen on the Tox Troopers but didn't know they exist in heroic scale!