Friday 15 January 2021

3rd Trans-Luthean Artillery

I've added a second unit to my Napoleonic Imagi-Nation. I should really come up with a name for the kingdom so I can stop writing 'Napoleonic Imagi-Nation'.

Introducing the 3rd Trans-Luthean Artillery. I figure 'The Luthean' is a sparsely populated, semi-arid region. Due to having lots of room, but not many people, it concentrates on training artillerymen as its contribution to the kingdom's defence.

The figures are Spanish artillery crew from Front Rank. The gun is also from Front Rank, though I forget which nation. I painted them in red jackets to match my infantry, but gave them yellow cuffs to set them apart. 

Having painted A LOT of white belts and straps in the last month, I'm now going to take a break for a bit on the Napoleonics and paint some space-dudes! 


  1. Nice. Very inspiring, I've got a napoleonic horror clockpunk range half baked that I need to bring back to life.

  2. Great looking figures. I look forward to seeing them in a game very much.

  3. Those chaps look very fine. How about continuing your Frostgrave/Stargrave theme and make the kingdom Belgrave?

  4. Nah - your stargrave pirates should have modelled themselves on ancient Napoleonic garb and wield laser muskets (I'm joking). Though if I'm not mistaken there's a company out there that makes space Napoleonics...

  5. Hi Renaissance Troll,
    still moaning over at "Wargaming Erratic" (on wordpress) after your Faux Napoleonics post knocked the anglo saxon normans for six (I jest). Actually my just started Wars of Italian Unification is now being distracted as well. So I have posted a fix that will allow me to move on. So my Faux Napoleonic world is FauxTerre or false ground. So you could use that - Fauxterre. Actully it might get reused elsewhere. I do like your painting and if i did not have a mass of 1/72 and small 25mm figures I would be very tempted.