Thursday 14 January 2021

Science-Fiction Corridors!

 Like many science-fiction gamers, I am obsessed with ‘corridors’. So many of my favourite sci-fi shows feature them. The Doctor (Who) probably holds the record for running down the most corridors, but they are also a common feature of Aliens, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc. So, it’s pretty natural that I would want to recreate some of those exciting passageways on the tabletop – and I have, several times. In the past, I have made 2D corridors, sometimes with 3D edges. My mostsuccessful attempt can be seen in this old post.

But I’ve always wanted to take it further and go full 3D with my corridors. I tried once before. I bought a big MDF set with numerous different sections. However, I got so dispirited with the time it took me to put one little piece together that I ended up getting rid of it all. Well, I’ve decided it is time to try again.

This time, I ordered a single piece from TTCombat. It’s actually part of their ‘Bunker’ line but works pretty well for generic corridors – especially since I left some of the exterior detailing off. It took me about 2 hours to put this piece together. It had a couple of tricky bits, but nothing that couldn’t be overcome with a bit of patience. Next up, I’m going to paint it, which I suspect will be little more than a coat of grey primer and a wash. When I’m done, I’ll order another piece.

This may not seem the most monetarily efficient way to assemble a corridor set, but I suspect it is. Doing it this way, I have a far better chance of completing the project. More importantly, I believe I will enjoy the entire process much more. So, if examined from a money vs. enjoyment point-of-view, I suspect this by far the most efficient way.

I actually have a lot of game design thoughts on corridors - as they are something that need to be handled very carefully in wargaming, but I'll save that for another day.


  1. Looks good, I have lost count of the amount of card stock 2.5 D hallways that I have built and ended up putting in the trash!

  2. Haha, when you announced Stargrave I immediately started planning a new spaceship corridor project.
    I look forward to reading your game design thoughts on them.

  3. Joe, when I purchased my 3d fdm printer, I too was bursting with the opportunities I saw coming...yes there have been a few stl kickstarters, but the one I've taken too the most so far is from a company called Lv-427. They can be found on facebook but here is there site. Another option to avoid painting per se, is the Battlesystems stuff there is just so many options out there! Now if only we had the time for it all!

  4. Looks great! Also: your link to your older post doesn't appear to be working?

  5. Have you considered priming it first then constructing. I did this on my last MDF building and it was much less faffier to paint.
    I painted it before detaching from the frame, then simply tidied up the edges when I was built. Super effective.

    1. That probably would have been a good idea - I might give it a try on the next piece!

  6. I like that the piece you selected is big enough to double as a small garage, hangar or utility building if you wanted it to!

  7. Cool. I hope to you a painting tutorial soon that might help, along the lines of these terrain swatches but for concrete walls and and 'sci-fi construction'.